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  • Affair Recovery

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    Today statistics show at least one or both parties in 50 percent of all couples will break their vows of sexual or emotional exclusivity during the lifetime of the relationship. The need for affair recovery counseling continues to increase with these statistics.

    When a partner engages in infidelity, it causes a divide in the emotional connection of the relationship. The marriage is now separated into the time before and the time after the infidelity occurred. You might begin to idealize the time before the infidelity happened, and you may be remembering that time as a period when you were in love, trusted each other, and your emotional connection was secure…even if these idealizations are exaggerated. The time after infidelity is a time of fear, confusion, and uncertainty. Attempting to reclaim what one had is an exercise in disappointment and futility.

    To give your marriage the best opportunity, you need to change certain behaviors and examine unaddressed issues in your relationship. You cannot go back to being the couple you used to be; however you can become a new couple with a renewed relationship and learn to love and trust one another again. Don’t wait, stop the pain and call us today.