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    Patty Tolle MSW, LCSW

    My name is Patricia Tolle, a licensed clinical therapist (LCSW) and life coach who has been helping people for over a decade. I am here to help you reach your individual potential and create healthier relationships in your life.

    Therapy services can be empowering, transformative, and even life-changing. When you work with the right therapist, you can learn to connect with your core self, look at issues through a different lens, and nurture the skills you need to work through like negative feelings and fears. As a Licensed  Clinical Therapist, I strongly believe that each person has a unique store of strengths and resources within themselves. I consider it an honor to empower people to access those strengths and find fulfillment, satisfaction, and self-love. I find it truly amazing to help people make positive changes in their lives. I have the best job!

    I empathize deeply with all people, and I understand that we all want to fit in, to be loved, and to feel heard. I value each client as a whole person – mind, body, heart, and spirit. We will work together to create a healing path that’s right for you as the unique individual you are!

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