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    Kelly O'Hanlon MA, NCC

    Kelly O’Hanlon enjoys working with adolescents and adults to address issues related to anxiety, depression, anger, behavioral issues, family conflict, gender identity, transgender concerns, life transitions, mental stress, relationships, low self-esteem, stress, trauma, and PTSD.

    Her experience includes trauma-informed care, which enables her to provide the space her clients need to heal and grow into their most authentic selves. 

    Kelly focuses on a path of healing traumatic life experiences so that clients find acceptance within themselves and their environment. If you are ready to begin your mental health journey, schedule an appointment with Kelly today!

    Lisa Marie Cook MSW, LSW

    My name is Lisa Marie Cook and I’m a licensed social worker committed to helping couples learn how to rebuild and strengthen their relationships. 

    My work focuses on targeting ineffective communication, attitudes, and beliefs regarding relationships. I believe in taking a collaborative approach to helping clients reach their goals.

    If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment with me, please send a request via the form found on this page.

    Patty Tolle MSW, LCSW

    My name is Patricia Tolle, a licensed clinical therapist (LCSW) and life coach who has been helping people for over a decade. I am here to help you reach your individual potential and create healthier relationships in your life.

    Therapy services can be empowering, transformative, and even life-changing. When you work with the right therapist, you can learn to connect with your core self, look at issues through a different lens, and nurture the skills you need to work through like negative feelings and fears. As a Licensed  Clinical Therapist, I strongly believe that each person has a unique store of strengths and resources within themselves. I consider it an honor to empower people to access those strengths and find fulfillment, satisfaction, and self-love. I find it truly amazing to help people make positive changes in their lives. I have the best job!

    I empathize deeply with all people, and I understand that we all want to fit in, to be loved, and to feel heard. I value each client as a whole person – mind, body, heart, and spirit. We will work together to create a healing path that’s right for you as the unique individual you are!

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